vi(1) Editor Materials

A few components of a large vi(1)-related archive are being reintroduced:

The vi(1) Editor

The vi (visual) editor is a display-oriented text editor based on an underlying line editor (ex). It is possible to use the command mode of ex from within vi and vice versa. vi is character-oriented and is designed to be used with an ASCII asynchronous screen. Other common special-purpose aliases exist for vi:

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UCB-derived vi reference set

Additional documentation (REMOVED)

Related external documents

When these documents were the only copies of the UCB documents converted to HTML and before there were search engines I kept a list of vi-related FAQs, an ftp archive, and a link to a USENET group (comp.editors) here. This is no longer available due to the ready availability of search engines.

For UNICOS system users, these addition resources are recommended:

This is a reduced compilation of vi-related documents collected, edited, formatted, or made by John S. Urban.
[Created: 19960701][Last modified: 19960716]