contains the user guide
contains some C and FORTRAN programs useful both in testing and learning how to use the VOGLE library.
contains the source for generating fonts and the hershey data for the Occidental and Oriental character sets.
contains the C source for the FORTRAN77-to-C interface library used by the SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, IRIX64, ULTRIX, Tru64, AIX, Linux, CygWin, and HP-UX (with a special compiler switch required)
contains the C source for the Pascal-to-C interface library.
There are two include files with very similar names provided with the original vogle distribution: vogle.h and Vogle.h. The lowercase vogle.h is the C header file which most vogle C programs would include. The uppercase Vogle.h is the SUN Pascal header file which contains the forward/external declarations for Pascal. This header file should be included just after the program statement of a Pascal program.
An alternate C/Fortran interface based on the ISO C Binding standard of Fortran.
This directory contains the primary C source files for VOGLE, and the source for the FORTRAN and PASCAL interfaces where available.
Contains the low-level interfaces to specific output device formats used by remainder of the device-independent VOGLE library.
The man(1) pages for VOGLE.