The VOGLE graphics library ( Very Ordinary Graphics Learning Environment )

Version 1.3.0

VOGLE is a portable public-domain device-independent C-based graphics library from the The University of Melbourne that is loosely based on the Silicon Graphics Iris GL library. It was also partly inspired by the DIGS library developed at the U.S. Naval Academy under the guidance of Prof David Rogers.

The original authors no longer actively maintain VOGLE. This version is a modified copy of the source files for VOGLE from the FTP site of

This version of VOGLE has the following significant alterations:

Many additional output devices are available

VOGLE is intended to produce simple graphics composed of line drawings and polygon fills in two and three dimensions. It handles circles, curves, arcs, patches, polygons, and software text in a device independent fashion. Simple hidden line removal is also available via polygon backfacing. Access to hardware text and double buffering of drawings depends on the driver.

VOGLE is callable from C, FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90+ , and Pascal on most platforms.

VOGLE is portable. It has been used on Cray UNICOS, SGI IRIX64 and IRIX, IBM AIX, NeXT, Digital ULTRIX and Digital Unix, Sun SunOS and Solaris, Linux, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, HP HP-UX, and CygWin. It has been run on additional platforms including most PCs.

The original source's ownership statement

This software is public domain and may be used for any purpose commercial or otherwise. It is offered without any guarantee as to its suitability for any purpose or as to the sanity of its writers. The authors do ask that the source is passed on to anyone that requests a copy, and that people who get copies don't go round claiming they wrote it. Use at your own risk.

Some features are not maintained in this copy

My primary interest in VOGLE is that it is a vector-based graphics library that I find easy to support and port as needed for basic graphics work. I am only interested in a C/C++/Fortran copy for UNIX/Linux/CygWin machines at this time so the source here does not support the Pascal interface nor the native MS Windows environment (except via CygWin). You should examine a fresh copy from the original source if you are interested in VOGLE with those interfaces.